Friday, April 23, 2010

4•23•10 - Day 3

I've noticed since the past couple days my physical reactions have improved a lot! and I feel less stress.

LISTENING: Don't Interrupt
I noticed there are certain people I do this a lot with, others only once and a while and some people not at all. I notice I interrupt Niroc a lot while he's talking. I'm gonna be much more conscious of this now.

HEARING: "In one ear, out the other"
This one's interesting. I did this throughout the day today, and did good. I realize it's about not taking things personal, since it's not the noise, only the thought attached. I was thinking about putting my cell phone on an annoying ring for further training and growth. lol

SEEING: “We see with our brains, not with our eyes.”
I thought about it a couple times today, though still haven't really done anything. I've been reacting to things I sense without even seeing very well though lately. If I'm about to bump into something and I'm not looking, I react perfectly at the very last second. But if I was a real ninja, I wouldn't be spacing out in the first place! lol

SPEAKING: Vocab Efficiency
I thought this would be the easiest challenge, though when having the Round Table conference call today, I found myself saying these words a bit more often. Not in too bad of ways, and I always am conscious of it the second I say it or as it's coming out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

4•22•10 - Day 2

LISTENING: Don't Interrupt
On the phone with Zef this morning, I wasn't being very conscious of it and didn't really need to be. I came pretty natural. Throughout the rest of the day I was pretty good with it. By doing this I find myself much more relaxed/calm:)

HEARING: "In one ear, out the other"
This one is interesting. It's an active meditation and very rewarding in ways of peace/tranquility. It's a practice that just becomes easier the more you do it. Any sounds I may find annoying or aggravating, like a cell phone ring, car horns, music or even a voice, I just hear them and let them pass by without attaching thoughts. It wasn't very difficult today. I did good with this.

SEEING: “We see with our brains, not with our eyes.”
I did not do anything with this yet.

SPEAKING: Vocab Efficiency
I said 'should' maybe 3-4 times today, though catching myself immediately each time as soon as I said it and changed my words.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4•21•10 - Day 1

LISTENING: Don't Interrupt
I find myself interrupting people while they're speaking more often than I would like. It's mainly out of a passion for what I'm speaking on, though sometimes it's since I feel what I'm saying is of importance and must be said. Whatever the reason, it has turned into a bad habit that I wish to stop. I've been conscious of it for a while now, and often catch myself while I'm doing it. I keep saying I want to change this, so let me just go ahead and stop it!

I had a good awareness throughout the day today talking to friends. I was conscious of it during my workout with Eric, and stopped myself a couple times. Just shut up, not think about what I want to say, and just truly listen to the person speaking. I feel listening is more important than talking. I did a horrible job of this on the phone with my brother tonight, though it seemed a bit necessary at times and there were incredible breakthroughs and building that took place between us that's been much needed for many many years.

HEARING: "In one ear, out the other"
Its not a noise, like a car horn blasting, that is "good or bad," it's the thoughts that we attach to the noise that will determine if it's "good or bad." We usually create a false story around the noise and hang on to it, instead of allowing it to go "in one ear and out the other."

I did this today, as I usually do in the beginning of meditation, keeping myself in the present moment. Being an observer, listening to the sounds of the room, the street, the cars and all external noises, letting these sounds pass by without placing judgement or attaching thoughts to them. I would like to experiment with this and be more aware of it throughout my day.

SEEING: “We see with our brains, not with our eyes.”
I'm going to experiment with perceiving images with my eyes closed through touch, at times during my day. Of course it's nothing as incredible as Bach-y-Rita's neuroplasticity experiments, though I feel it will be interesting to see the outcome. I might change things about this one as I go. Got nothing to lose!

Jesse showed us this Zen game yesterday, with the goal to catch something with your eyes closed. I found it interesting. I did not do anything today though.

SPEAKING: Vocab Efficiency
When we use the words "should, should've or shouldn't," there immediately implies there's a problem with the way things are. We 'should' and 'should' and 'should' until we just 'should all over ourselves!" lol I will experiment with taking these words out of my vocabulary.

This will be the easiest challenge for me, since I've done this with other words in the past. Today there were no 'problems,' only living life! If I do use these words for explanation, I will be conscious of it and use them in finger quotes.

April•May - Challenges

I'll be doing these 4 challenges for the rest of April and all of May. In June I'm going to experiment in new areas, as well as increase the difficulty of the challenges.

LISTENING: Not interrupt anyone while they are speaking.
HEARING: Being more aware of ambient noise without judgement.
SEEING: Further developing a sense of sight through touch.
SPEAKING: Take the words 'should, shouldn't and should've' out of my vocabulary.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Even before birth we are already learning. We may learn the sound of our mother's voice. One of the first circuit connections our brain establishes, drives our emotions. Upon conception we may immediately begin to refine our movements, as well as sense our very first light energies.

Many say we learn and grow more in our first years on this planet than we do the duration of the rest of our entire lives. This is since EVERYTHING is completely new. We are experiencing EVERYTHING for the first time, free from preconceived notions. I feel this is about as objective as a human being can get, save for enlightenment, in which I would be only guessing.

In this change experiment I am going to be listening, hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing, touching, doing, balancing and speaking in new ways each day, making myself purposely uncomfortable, breaking down barriers where most would put up using UNDERSTANDING and COURAGE. SINCERELY CONNECTING with all that is around me.

Seeing new things, as well as new ways of seeing old things. Thinking differently. Listening differently. Hearing new things and hearing old things in new ways. Approaching things differently. Doing new things. Saying new things. Saying things in new ways. Being conscious of my surroundings (aka being a ninja) Catching myself with habits in the form of things I think, feel, say and do. Eating new foods. Questioning common sense, flowing, tuning in and following my heart. All with the quite obvious goals of growth, comfort, confidence and a strong, sharp sense of self-awareness.