Thursday, April 22, 2010

4•22•10 - Day 2

LISTENING: Don't Interrupt
On the phone with Zef this morning, I wasn't being very conscious of it and didn't really need to be. I came pretty natural. Throughout the rest of the day I was pretty good with it. By doing this I find myself much more relaxed/calm:)

HEARING: "In one ear, out the other"
This one is interesting. It's an active meditation and very rewarding in ways of peace/tranquility. It's a practice that just becomes easier the more you do it. Any sounds I may find annoying or aggravating, like a cell phone ring, car horns, music or even a voice, I just hear them and let them pass by without attaching thoughts. It wasn't very difficult today. I did good with this.

SEEING: “We see with our brains, not with our eyes.”
I did not do anything with this yet.

SPEAKING: Vocab Efficiency
I said 'should' maybe 3-4 times today, though catching myself immediately each time as soon as I said it and changed my words.

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