Friday, April 23, 2010

4•23•10 - Day 3

I've noticed since the past couple days my physical reactions have improved a lot! and I feel less stress.

LISTENING: Don't Interrupt
I noticed there are certain people I do this a lot with, others only once and a while and some people not at all. I notice I interrupt Niroc a lot while he's talking. I'm gonna be much more conscious of this now.

HEARING: "In one ear, out the other"
This one's interesting. I did this throughout the day today, and did good. I realize it's about not taking things personal, since it's not the noise, only the thought attached. I was thinking about putting my cell phone on an annoying ring for further training and growth. lol

SEEING: “We see with our brains, not with our eyes.”
I thought about it a couple times today, though still haven't really done anything. I've been reacting to things I sense without even seeing very well though lately. If I'm about to bump into something and I'm not looking, I react perfectly at the very last second. But if I was a real ninja, I wouldn't be spacing out in the first place! lol

SPEAKING: Vocab Efficiency
I thought this would be the easiest challenge, though when having the Round Table conference call today, I found myself saying these words a bit more often. Not in too bad of ways, and I always am conscious of it the second I say it or as it's coming out.

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