Monday, April 19, 2010


Even before birth we are already learning. We may learn the sound of our mother's voice. One of the first circuit connections our brain establishes, drives our emotions. Upon conception we may immediately begin to refine our movements, as well as sense our very first light energies.

Many say we learn and grow more in our first years on this planet than we do the duration of the rest of our entire lives. This is since EVERYTHING is completely new. We are experiencing EVERYTHING for the first time, free from preconceived notions. I feel this is about as objective as a human being can get, save for enlightenment, in which I would be only guessing.

In this change experiment I am going to be listening, hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing, touching, doing, balancing and speaking in new ways each day, making myself purposely uncomfortable, breaking down barriers where most would put up using UNDERSTANDING and COURAGE. SINCERELY CONNECTING with all that is around me.

Seeing new things, as well as new ways of seeing old things. Thinking differently. Listening differently. Hearing new things and hearing old things in new ways. Approaching things differently. Doing new things. Saying new things. Saying things in new ways. Being conscious of my surroundings (aka being a ninja) Catching myself with habits in the form of things I think, feel, say and do. Eating new foods. Questioning common sense, flowing, tuning in and following my heart. All with the quite obvious goals of growth, comfort, confidence and a strong, sharp sense of self-awareness.

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